Protect Your dAPP with a Security Audit

dAPP are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the blockchain industry. These apps are designed in such a way as to take advantage of the decentralized nature of the blockchain. Unlike traditional web apps, dAPP hosts their backend code on the blockchain as a smart contract. It means for dAPP developers, smart contract security must be the top concern.  

Moreover, due to the blockchain’s immutability, hackers exploiting any smart contract’s vulnerability is irreversible. Therefore, serious measures must be taken to secure dAPP . 

A Smart Contract Audit: First Step for dAPP Security but Not Enough 

A Smart contract audit helps to find out vulnerabilities in the dAPP . No dAPP should be launched without a smart contract audit. 

However, many dAPP only go through the smart contract audit, considering it enough to ensure the security of their app. But, this security assessment is not enough; it may miss several potential loopholes. 

A smart contract audit includes testing access control, re-entrancy vulnerability, and other similar issues. These problems can also be identified within the code of the application. But smart contracts also contain many other vulnerabilities which cannot be identified in the code. Since these apps run on a different environment, they create higher chances of attacks such as front-running attacks, etc. 

Moreover, if a smart contract runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it is more vulnerable to front-running attacks, as Ethereum is more vulnerable to such attacks. So, a smart contract audit alone cannot help discover such issues. 

dAPP has two parts; the backend, which is implemented as a smart contract, and the frontend, which is implemented as a web application. Security of both ends is essential. In comparison, a smart contract audit tests only the backend security. So, there are possibilities of vulnerabilities in the front end, which also demands testing. 

Effective Security Testing of dAPP to Protect Them Against Attacks

As you are aware, your dAPP security cannot be ensured by only a smart contract audit ,but needs thorough testing.

So, if you are releasing a Dapp, contact our security experts at to ensure the security of your application to protect it from all potential types of hacks. 

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