Smart Contract Security Audit

At Shellboxes, we use a comprehensive approach to smart contract auditing that includes both manual and automatic testing. Our team of experts will meticulously review your smart contract code line by line, ensuring its security, reliability, and optimal performance. With our rigorous process, we leave no stone unturned.

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When to Conduct a Smart Contract Audit

  • Before deployment to ensure the contract is secure and functions as intended.
  • After any major changes to the contract's code or functionality.
  • When seeking to attract investors or users who require a high level of security and trust.

Benefits of Conducting a Smart Contract Audit

  • Identifies potential vulnerabilities and security risks in the contract's code.
  • Ensures the contract functions as intended and meets the project's goals and requirements.
  • Increases user and investor confidence in the project's security and reliability.
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Smart Contract Audit Process

  • Scoping and Quote Estimation

    Analysis of project requirements and definition of the audit scope, followed by a price estimate for the audit.

  • Initial Audit Report

    The audit process begins with an initial report highlighting any identified vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for addressing them.

  • Re-Audit Phase

    After the client has addressed the issues identified in the initial report, the code is reviewed again in a re-audit phase to ensure that all identified issues have been addressed.

  • Final Report and Audit Badge

    After the re-audit, a final report is provided to the client, including the issues with their respective fixes. An audit badge verifying the security of the smart contract is provided to the client.

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Frequently asked questions

Smart contracts are digital contracts that can execute transactions automatically when certain conditions are met. They are self-executing contracts that are stored on a blockchain and operate based on predetermined rules and logic. Smart contracts are designed to be transparent, secure, and efficient. They work by automatically executing the terms of the contract when the specified conditions are met. Smart contract code is publicly viewable, which ensures that all parties involved in the contract can see the terms of the agreement and how it will be executed.
The benefits of using smart contracts in web3 projects are numerous. Smart contracts facilitate trade between anonymous and known parties by eliminating the need for a middleman, which can increase efficiency and reduce costs. They provide benefits such as security, transparency, and near real-time execution. Smart contracts are also programmable, which means they can be customized to fit specific needs and designed to execute complex transactions.
The potential security risks associated with smart contracts include coding errors, malicious code injection, vulnerabilities in smart contract protocols, and human error. Smart contracts can be vulnerable to attacks by hackers who exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access and steal money or other assets. Smart contract audits can identify these vulnerabilities and security flaws to make smart contracts more secure.
A smart contract audit is a process of vulnerability assessments and identification of security flaws and network vulnerabilities in smart contracts. The auditing firm provides recommendations on security policies and better security controls designed to protect the project from new vulnerabilities. The purpose of a smart contract audit is to ensure that the smart contract code is secure, reliable, and meets the project's requirements.
It is important to conduct a smart contract audit for web3 projects because it helps eliminate flaws that could be exploited by malicious actors to perform unauthorized activities such as minting tokens. It confirms the project's reliability for investors and potential partners and allows the project to position itself as a reputable player. Smart contract audits also help ensure that smart contracts are secure and reliable, which is essential for the success of web3 projects.
While internal audits can identify vulnerabilities, it is recommended to use a professional audit team for smart contract audits. External audit firms have the necessary expertise and time to comprehensively review a smart contract. Smart contract audits require specialized knowledge and experience, which is why it is recommended to use a professional audit team. The added value of a professional audit team is that they can offer an authoritative opinion and informed recommendations that can improve the security and reliability of smart contracts.

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